Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Greater Houston, and its educational affiliate Construction & Maintenance Education Foundation (CMEF), is partnering with public workforce system to launch the HireSMART program. This new program initiative will help fill the workforce shortage gap and promote the industry through skills training and job placement to assist individuals seeking a new career path.



HireSMART candidates will be sourced through ABC outreach programs (high school, post secondary, and public) and committees, referrals from ABC members, and partnerships (with the public workforce system and Veteran Service Organizations). Candidates will be screened based on employer requirements, program eligibility and initial suitability. ABC program staff will conduct initial cursory interviews that will assist in identifying participating ABC member employers for consideration. ABC members will interview candidates and provide a commitment or an “intent to hire” to those that are suitable for open positions.



To participate in the HireSMART program, ABC member contractors commit to the following:

  • Employ SMART trainees as a W-2 employee with no less than 30 hours of employment per week
  • Pay SMART trainees a minimum of $15/hour ($15 to $17 is preferred)
  • Send trainees through the Hire SMART program which includes NCCER Core, OSHA, first aid/CPR, lift training, and other courses



HireSMART program candidates are pre-screened and employers are eligible to receive wage reimbursements for employing SMART trainees – at no cost to the employer. Participating employers may receive a reimbursement of trainee wages that equates to 50% of wages for up to 400 hours worked when hiring SMART trainees eligible for on-the-job training support. Reimbursement may be increased for employers participating in a Registered Apprenticeship program.



Additional details apply. Complete the form below to learn more and to be placed on the HireSMART Employer Partner list. Program partners will receive additional details and the next steps to become enrolled as a HireSMART Employer Partner.

HireSMART Employer Partner Form
With your commitment, you are helping an individual by providing an opportunity to get on a career path into the industry and into your company. Your commitment will have a profound and measurable impact on this person’s life and future career potential. Please help us find qualified HireSMART candidates for you by providing the following information. This information will be used to place you into the HireSMART database which will funnel pre-screened candidates to you for interview and potential onboarding.
Please provide contact information for the person who will be the main contact for the HireSMART program.
If "Other", please specify sector.
Example: pipefitter, carpenter, electrician, etc. If multiple, specify each trade and number of positions anticipated for that trade: